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1a. A person who is described as having trollish features, this may include an of the following characteristics; large, brutish, hairy, long-nosed, fat fingered, bug-eyed, and may also have multiple heads or horns. they may live in hills, mountains, caves, or under bridges and love to eat people, especially small children.

2a. A physically attractive older woman with exceptionally sexy lips.
Person 1. "A maria ate my baby"
Person 2. "I'd tap that maria"
by boozepooze October 16, 2009
The new Maryjane, weed.
"we don't call it Maryjane no more baby, we call that shit, Maria"- Maria by Lil Wyte
by bigbillybob September 01, 2009
The term used to describe someone who has a massive ass
Dude look at that girl she got a maria!
by sdawgvdiddy May 12, 2009
a slut. usually thinks all guys are into her and want to rape her-but no they really don't.

she thinks everyone and all guys love her but than they talk trash about her behind her back.

she thinks she is really funny but none of her jokes or "funny expressions" are at all comical.

she is annoying beyond belief. you can usually find her talking to herself because no one wants to listen.

basically she thinks she is perfect and is too stupid to realize that nobody likes her and she is actually the most repulsive and annoying person to ever exist.
Maria: I'm just soo funny...hahahahaha i crack myself up
(no one is listening and no one is laughing)

Maria: Hey (insert boy name here) blah blah blah isn't that soo funny
Boy: yea sure maria

two seconds later

Boy: oh wow can someone please punch maria in the face
Boy 2: yea we should get a girl to punch her because guys can't hit girls
Boy: but i don't think she is a girl so it doesn't count
by 113049820394895 January 08, 2010
Spanish slang for marijuana
Fumamos un porro de maría y cogimos un colocón de la hostia

We smoked a joint of marijuana and we got awfully stoned
by fonsucu June 12, 2008
Usually naked touching herself
Sometimes will find themsitting on little boys face also niggers of any age

they have huge vagina's which are hairier than a jungle
and usually have sex partners by the name of Alex Jean

billy Morey Daniel Witt and Kevin Penu
She sometimes sniffs farts out of rebecca and chrissys asshole
Omfg that girl just been a total maria on that kids face


LOlOLOL look at that Maria
by BritisihScumbag May 06, 2011
the nickname of someone if they're constantly having something stolen, "borrowed", or taken
"Did you see how Molly had her passport stolen? Someone pulled a Maria on her."
by teamvolturi December 23, 2009