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Girl who come's at you with the flipp's.
Maria attacked me.
by Definitator July 11, 2009
Usually a name given to a sexy latina. BUT sometimes its given to an awkward pale girl with no commen sense. This girl as usaully a neo hippie with no sense of style. She is at her most comforatable bathed in patchuoli and sporting an unfortunate ensemble consisting of tie-dye and paisley. The off brown-yellow tinge on her teeth is enough to make one speculate that she might brush her teeth in the morning with cheddar cheese. She has a rather large forehead with nose and chin to match. Not obese but def not fit....a skinny-fat if you will. She becomes obsessed with men who say hello to her. Ever seen a girl in a bar with long un brushed hair sporting a midriff top who...lets face it should NOT.....well if you have anwered yes then you have prob seen Maria.
Jen: Ewww did you seen that awkward hippie girl in the back wearing that tattered purple skirt?

Kevin: Did she have orangutang arms, a butt chin and BO?

Jen: Yeah

Kevin: Ugh yeah thats Maria I dated her for two seconds...shes beyond weird, she tried to run over the other girl I dated after her.

Jen: Eww you dated her????

Kevin: Yeah dont ask
by 123yepitsme March 12, 2010
to do a maria means to wake up in hospital drunk not knowing what happened the night before due to an 'alcohol overdose'
I'm gonna get so drunk tonight i'm gonna
end up doing a maria!!!
by Damo-the-Lord March 10, 2009
Spanish poor lady selling some dutty old rugs on the side of the road.
Maria: Come buy my dutty rugs! I'm poor!
by mamajama444444444 June 17, 2009
The Women On Those Mexican Breast Boosting Pill Commercails. Maria Was Once Not Pretty Due To Her Small Breast Size. She Is Currently Every Guys Fantasy After Taking Pill To Boost Her Breats
Danny: Mira Quien Es Ella?
Ixia: Esa es Maria La Que No Te Gustaba
Danny: Pero Que Se Hiso
Ixia: Se Grando El Busto
Danny: WOW!!!

Danny: Damn Who Is That?
Ixia: Thats Maria The One You Didn't Like
Danny: But What She Do To Herself
Ixia: She Boosted Her Breast
Danny: WOW!!!

by Bilatinoboy March 13, 2009
A maria is uaually a very cool non-person of ecuadorian ancestors who MIGHT eat guinea pigs. They tipically hate ketchup and get raped frequently. They also have soft cheeks, 137 different colors of eyeliner and pinkies that work as spoons. They might ocassionally hug dead people and sometimes live in your closet. Usually their sons are named Marianos and are great pets.
The maria kicked the guy wearing the banana suit in the balls.
by Mariano L. April 01, 2006
a cool chick who loves the word poop.
smiles a lot, and likes POOP(the word ofcourse)
wow, look at that poopy girl maria.
by maraiaaiari December 02, 2007