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a girl who will surprise you in many ways. she loves to get down and dirty! loves sex, but is a great freind but sometimes she likes to punch you for no reason
i'm doing a MARIA tonite! :D

dude really?

ohhh yea!

man yer sooo lucky

i know i am!
by lolkid12 June 13, 2011
69 103
1.The perfect girl.
2.The most beautiful girl you can ever meet,wish you knew,or wish you had.
3.Unbeatable in arguements -.-
4.A girl with a smile to just simply love.
5.Someone who always understands you even tho you really don't make sense.
6.The only thing you need to continue living,right next to grape soda and chocolate of course.Oh and grapes..I like grapes!
Person #1:OMI HUEVOS!
Person #2:What??
Person#1:I just saw Maria!!!
Person #2: o.o
Person#1:>:l I love Maria!
by 6Marmar9 October 08, 2011
115 155
A really pretty girl, with eyes that sparkle. Said to be a mexican, and italian name.
Boy 1- OH wow. Her eyes sparkle! Shes a maria!
Girl - my eyes sparkle too! *jealous*
by sparklyeyes July 21, 2011
100 158
They got some attitude problems. Some are okay but some butt ugly. They try and act like they don't give a fuck but we all know they do. They always try to act like they better and always feel intimidated when a pretty girl is next to them. They would always either stare at the pretty girl or look at her up and down.
buy maria mugs & shirts
by Carlos789 May 22, 2012
11 71
so funny, caring and fun to be around. i'm skyping with her now lol
Maria: "Hey Jenn!"
Jenn: "Hey Maria. *turns to girl 1* She's so nice!!!"
Girl 1: "I know, everyone loves a Maria."
by tigereye123 September 06, 2011
94 154
Ugly, broke down looking indivdual who is the eptitome of white trash.
Damn, she looks like a Maria.
by Marisol9900 October 20, 2011
203 275
Her name is Maria Mendolia. She the most prettist girl you will ever meet, known to blow the minds of many men. Extremely talented and beautiful, and intelligent. Her eyes must her been cut from stars.
Maria mendolia is the prettiest girl i know and i wish i had.
by lehighton boy October 19, 2010
90 217