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A male that is demasculated.

A.K.A: Whipped

Jose was going to go out partying with his buddies, but his girlfriend told him he had to go shopping with her and her mother. He doesn't wear the pants in that relationship
by b August 26, 2004
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A guy who has been DeBalled by his old lady.
"Mike, you thought you were going to the ball game with your buddies!", Lisa said. "No, you will be home watching the kids while I go to the spa." Mike has turned into a Mandilon.
by Biff Tannon April 03, 2008
mexican word for whipped
alejandro reyes, josh estrada, rufino rodriguez, jesus arellano son mandilones
by aaalexiyo May 28, 2009
men by the name of George or Orlando who have been DeBalled by their wives
Orlando and George are the biggest mandilons in the family.
by Bignasty March 31, 2013
a man who in essence has zero to no testicles... someone who sings "Cater to you" by Destiny's Child to the girls he tries to get with... someone who runs around claiming a sorority when he's clearly in a fraternity... someone who will give up secrets even if the pussy is not that good.
This past weekend at the convention in Denver, Chuy was a real mandilon. He was getting pulled around by the ear all around denver. Can you say baboso?
by I call it like I sees it March 14, 2007

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