Top Definition
the act of over-powering anyone or anything, physically, mentally, verbally or virtually
david haye severly bossed john ruiz
by tobs23 April 03, 2010
To be hit in the face by Bruce Springsteen's crotch, usually mid-power slide.
Wow! Did you see that? That camera man got frickin' BOSSED!
by Bruce F. J. Springsteen February 02, 2009
To have achieved, done well on a night out
We bossed it last night
- went out, got cunted and survived until the end

Bossed my kebab
- ate all of the kebab quickly and efficiently
by Vapour February 18, 2006
to hit someone in the face hard and not care if they like it or not

if this nigga dont shut imma bossed em som
by david harvin January 31, 2009
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