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Pretty girl with a nice fatty, and nice boobs. She is usually shy but gorgeous. Usually with a lot of friends & lots of haters. Named after a bird. And the girl you would like to fuck.
Alondra is sexy!
by sexiiboi007 June 05, 2009
a girl that's spontaneous. Usually shy but gorgeous, wouldn't do anything to hurt the ones closest to her. She's stupid in talking sometimes. however, she's a very forgiving person. Has high standards when it comes to men. Her personality is the type that every guy is looking for, her face is a plus, though only one boy gets to have her. usually has a nice body figure. gives the best advice, she chooses to be independent and has grown thoughts. many people love her but she only trusts and loves a few, a lot of haters. she resents ignorance and puts people in their place no matter who they are
no good example for alondra
by Belieber234 January 15, 2012
the most amazing girl you will talk to without meeting her yet. Very cute and nice. Talking to her is a pleasure, and never boring.
Person 1- Hey wats up
Alondra- Not Much

1 hour later

Person 1- cool
by sick_thedark46 March 30, 2010
An extinct bird. Rare and sometimes stupid, but a pleasure to be around when given the chance. A very strange person, but funny nonetheless. Alondras love to hang around Cecilias. Can be sensitive. Loves to daydream. THEY ARE FASCINATING :D
1. "Hey, that kid over there is such an Alondra!" "I know, she sings in the middle of the cafeteria at lunch!"

2. Alondra: "I'm bored."
Brian: "Wanna go jump down ten stair steps?"
Alondra: "Ok! Lets go!"
Brian: "Haha, you're an Alondra, aren't you?"

by Caboodle November 08, 2008
The meaning of the name Alondra is defender of mankind. They are also associated with the bird alondra.

Alondras are independent. They are born natural leaders and fight for what they believe in. They aren't afraid to stand up to anyone. They are super outgoing and talkative and you will never get bored during a conversation with an Alondra.

They are loyal friends and respect people for who they are. They search for answers and ask a lot of questions. They are very creative and imaginative and plan ahead on everything.

I'm proud to be an Alondra. :)
Person 1: Hey Alondra!
Alondra: Guess what I just found out!
Person 1: I can't.
Alondra: Why?
Person 1: Because you always have something new in store and I'm not sure what to expect!
Alondra: your so sweet!
by Raven1519 March 02, 2015
Alondra is an anorexic people person who likes to associate with lots and lots of other people. She has an account on a bunch of social networks. Alondra has a good number of friends and most people seem to like her. Though, she is a very independent person (not lonely, but independent). She has a lot of experiences in her life that she likes to share. Alondra also likes to piffle. However, I think she gets annoyed too easily and calls people weird and lame. She also says some things that are a little "TMI" I don't like those parts too much. But for the most part, she's nice.
Person#1: Look at that independent girl who's calling others weird and lame.

Person#2: I think we've found an Alondra.
by jonsash January 18, 2011
A smart,sweet,cute,polite, and cool girl who has lots of friends. She likes pasta,desserts and her favorite food is ice cream. She likes to play videogames of Sonic the Hedgehog but her favorite character is Cream the Rabbit!!! Also acts like Cream she is like her but in human form.
girl polite cool Cream the Rabbit Alondra
by Cream the Rabbit 1312 January 19, 2012

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