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The shy one in a group of young males, known for developing intense, yet strangely silent, crushes on older women. Good humoured and always well meaning, Malcys can become frightened by being made the centre of female attention.
"He's cute, but don't crowd him, he's a bit of a malcy".
by essexgirly March 24, 2007

To inflict a physical beating. Scottish colloquialism often implying a premeditated gang attack.
"Time to malcy that double-dealing fuckwit."

"You're gettin' malcied, ya dobber."
by The Hampden Road June 04, 2009
To type your password into an open IRC channel, so that the world now knows what your password is.
Dude! The new guy malcy'd his password again just now. That's like three times this week.
by mauvedeity October 10, 2008
someone who is severely mal-coordinated or physically challenged in hand to eye coordination.
man one : "hey dude catch this ball",

man two (malcy) : attempts to catch ball but only misses it completely thrusting his arms franticly around.
man one : "wow dude your such a malcy"
by spongeboblovedick October 24, 2013
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