Something that is liked by a majority of people and doesn't pertain to any particular subculture. Mainstream is not a particular style of music, it has nothing to with rap, it has nothing to do with the media forcing various types of music down our throats. It's just stuff that a lot of people like. That's it.
And as for the people saying shit like "Mainstream should die"... What do you think would happen if everyone started listening to the more underground music that you like?

It would be mainstream. Faggot.
#pop #popular #music #indie #dicks
by Zer0T September 07, 2011
the cool kids. that boy whos just sooooooo hot!
that girl with big sure you understand.
OMFG!!!! Noah is soooo mainstream, everyone want his ass!
#noah #mainstream #mainstreamer #hot #hott #sexy #popular kid #jerk #whore #cuntrag
by kelly caldwell October 26, 2006
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