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when you get to middle school,you think your so fuckin grown but your as immature as you were in elementary, just with a little gross semi-adult humor in the mix. Looking back, it was much more brutal than high school is. More fights, more teasing, less acceptance of individuality(even though they're too young to really fit into any "group"). In high school you dont get picked on that much for being "off-beat", everybody's doing their own thing with their own friends and nobody has much time to mess with somebody just for the hell of it. You usually have to do something that pisses them off. Middle school sucks ass.
"We're so cool mow that we're in middle school! We know everything about pop culture. You listen to rock? Eww thats for preps, lets kick his ass!"
by h8theh8rs September 02, 2006
the death of creativity in a music genre.
Metal went mainstream and now its pretty much dead, grunge died as quickly as it rose to mainstream, rap is way too mainstream and is gonna be next.
by h8theh8rs September 02, 2006
A wonderfully creative form of music, that sadly, is on its way to ending up like hair metal of the 80's. There are a lot of similarities. Record labels find they can cash in on this new sound so they creat a formula of mainstream watered down shit. Every song and artist is not much different from the last. You're a p-i-m-p, I get it, ok, your gangsta, yes I know you gotta hustle baby, I've seen your mercades Escalades, lay off the cristal, enough with the girls' asses already, shut up about your goddamn grills!!! Crunk!? What fresh new hell is this? You know how the old "if it aint broke dont fix it" thing goes. I'm suprised rock fans can't see the paralells. Nu-metal, Good Charlotte, Limp Bizkit, Avril Lavigne (didnt she appear on Nickelodeon? That's not hardcore...) crap rules the airwaves but definetly not the hearts of true rock fans, who prefer bands outside the mainstream who stay completly true to the music. I'm guessing. It's the same way with rap. Many who stuck by it in its infancy are appalled at the state its in now.Also, there are very talented and intelligent rap artists who are just sorta underground. If rap continues to be for the most part unoriginal, sooner or later, it WILL go the way of heavy metal, and be replaced in popularity by some other type of music, whatever that may be. It will be in the state rock is today: not quite dead but very weakened, its "artists" just getting lamer and lamer. K-Fed, anyone?
I used to listen to rap, but each song is just like the last one....and grills are retarded.
by h8theh8rs September 01, 2006
The Seattle "Grunge" band that brought the genre into the mainstream. Lead singer Kurt Cobain took his life( or was mrdered some say), you know the drill. The greatest band in the world? Well that's subjective. What I might love you might hate. But we should all aree to hate the whiny posers who think they're so edgy and such music experts because they depise watever becomes popular and mainstream. Any band and song ("smells like team spirit" kicks ass)that can launch a formerly underground genre (that you claim to be fans of)into the mainstream cant be as lame as you try o make it sound, so lay off with harsh insults. And to the douchebags who say things like "Thank God Kurt Cobain blew his head off!", fuck you and you're going to hell.
Nirvana was a pretty cool band.
by h8theh8rs August 29, 2006
one of my fav channels, that is being critized by 1)aging weenies who cant get over the fact that artists Run-DMC, Nirvana(r.i.p. Kurt), and GNR are no longer relvant, 2)teen losers who think they have such insight because they listen to ancient ass bands, 3)right-wing christians dont want want their kids to watch anything but Sesame Street 4)stupid frat boy meatheads, most of which probably watch mtv, all of which have a limited vocabulary beyond the words "gay", "fag", and "queer". If you assholes are so smart why dont you realize that just cause the channel is called MTV doesnt mean it has to be all about music? The name is just a name that reps youth culture. Music is meant to be heard you dipshits. If you want music so bad go to your local vintage shop and buy your damn Led Zepplin album. Who wants a channel all about music and nothing else? How lame. Like any channel, some of the shows are good: Real World(most of the seasons), Super Sweet 16(only season 1), Date My Mom, Room Raiders, one of my favs NEXT. Some are ok: My Own, Viva la Bam, Made. Some suck ass: Laguna Beach(preppy white bitches whining? no thanx), TRL(ive always hated), My Own(I changed my mind that show sucks). MTV is 4 teens, not for sad ppl trying to hang on to their teens who think their era was best. Note the word WAS. Your era of MTV is over. Deal with it.

p.s. to the dumbass who mentioned degrassi, thats a whole nother network idiot. And mtv should bring back Undressed! That show kicked ass.
idiot 1: mtv doesnt play the old Van Halen videos, what happened to GNR, why'd they cancel Beavis and Butthead?

Me:if u want music go buy a cd, or maybe even an ipod, who the hell cares about Van Halen and GNR,shows gotta end sometime, thats just how tv works. go buy it on dvd if ur that bummed. do u even know what an ipod and dvd is? Welcome to 2006 grandpa.

Idiot 2: all the kids at my school are such losers! They all watch mtv and dont listen to bands like Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd that came out over 30 yrs ago! What sheep.

Me: maybe the reason your an outcast is because your such a know-it-all little prick. And I know you got that Ramones t-shirt from Hot Topic, poser.

Idiot 3: mtv is a liberal wasteland corrupting our youth with their immoral values,cursing, sex, and scandalous fashion trends.

Me: dude...u are so repressed. Get fucked. And Fast.

Idiot 4: mtv is gay, emo queers, they show fags kissing, no headbanger music, fag, queer, gay, fag, queer, gay....

Me: u are a dumbass. I would never date a pig like u. *walks away in disgust*
by h8theh8rs September 10, 2006

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