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Pretentious, pompous, nonsensical and or empty language (especially while pandering to an audience).
I've had enough of your claptrap.
by author September 06, 2006
The vagina and labia of a promiscuous woman, especially one growing chlamydia.
Your sister's crotch is a smelly clap trap and makes more cheese than Wisconsin.
by JoeyMaximus February 25, 2003
Referring to a vagina riddled with venerial diseases (The Clap )
Dude, I heard about her. You'd best keep away from her clap trap
by dudu September 17, 2003
A person who is prone to catching Chylamidia, or one whose sexual hygiene (or lack thereof) is questionable.
Minh is such a claptrap! That's his second name.
by not claptrap March 07, 2008
skanky and/or diseased slut
guy: whoa, check out that chick

friend: uhg, no way, she's gotta be a clap trap
by skyper1234 June 26, 2010
An STD infested slutty girl.
Guy 1 - "Hey that girl looks kinda cute"
Guy 2 - "Whoa man, don't touch that. She's a claptrap."
by jp0113 September 20, 2012
a dose of the clap.
i.e. a ridiculously flappy cooter.
by velvet elvis April 13, 2004