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A two-man band from San Diego, California featuring the musical geniouses of Rob Crow and Armistead Burwell Smith IV. They play mostly chill, harmonic rock. Known for strange lyrics that are more instrumental than meaningful.
"Sad I'm gonna die, hope it's gonna happen later" - Pinback
by mrpeachum December 08, 2004
Armistead Burwell Smith IV (Absiv, Zach Smith) and Rob Crow form the heart of this amazing indie band from San Diego. The duo has created their tapestry of noise led by the unique bass playing of Zach and deep layers of vocal harmonies. The duo have had many live players throughout the years and have recently adopted more laptop backing tracks toward the end of their tenure. These two brilliant gentlemen have created lush songs by combining bass and guitars with pianos and various synths and a barrage of harmonizing. Their first albums (self-titled, Some Voices ep) had mostly drum machine programming and many samples from the film "Dark Star" from where the band derived their name, Pinback. From 1999-2015, the group released five full length alumbs (self titled, Blue Screen Life, Summer in Abbadon, Autumn of the Seraphs, Information Retrieved), various eps (Some Voices, Offcell, Nautical Antiques), special tour release CDs (Live in Donny's Garage, 2001 tour ep, Arrive Having Eaten, Too Many Shadows) and a variety of other singles and b-sides. The band called it quits in May of 2015.
Other bands associated with Pinback:
Zach - Neighborhood Watch, Three Mile Pilot, Systems Officer (aka SO)
Rob - Creedle, Thingy, Physics, Heavy Vegetable, Remote Action Sequence Project, Fantasy Mission Force, Optiganally Yours, Rob Crow solo, Other Men, The Ladies, Goblin Cock, and various guest vocalizations with Sleeping People, Drive Like Jehu, Team Sleep, Zach Hill and the Holy Smokes
Pinback is the greatest band ever!
by _grey_machine_ August 26, 2015
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