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The master of magnet. He'll welcome you to die. He'll end the human era, and the mutant era will come.
"I am Magneto, master of magnet. Welcome to die!!!"
~X-men arcade
by HeoandReo June 28, 2007
144 28
was right
Magneto was right.
by megafest7 March 21, 2010
61 16
The name given to the biggest Jew out of your friends, the one who picks up all the pennies, nickels, and dimes.
Me: "Wow, Joey was being such a Jew today, he pretty much had the power to grab anything metal and picked up all the coins off of my living-room floor and put in in his pocket!"
Friend: "Wow, what a Magneto"
by AnthOhKnee July 16, 2011
48 24
Noun: One who controls metals and/or likes to puncture his own skin. One who scares old ladies

Adjective: Unconventional, daring
"Don't you think you've had enough chrome, Magneto?"

"Why don't you take it easy on that Zinc, Magneto?"

"Magneto can you make me a bicycle out of this old pair of fishing rods?"

"Boy that sure is a magneto way of doing it!"
by Ned Casey August 17, 2006
7 17
A really cheesy Mexican boy band that was very successful all over Latin America during the 90's.
Remember Magneto, wow those guys were cheesy.
by Larry Love 81 April 06, 2009
11 25