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Crusades: Expansion Pack.
The Iraq War's a nice throwback to 1000 years ago. Except with guns.
by HeoandReo May 31, 2007
The master of magnet. He'll welcome you to die. He'll end the human era, and the mutant era will come.
"I am Magneto, master of magnet. Welcome to die!!!"
~X-men arcade
by HeoandReo June 28, 2007
Someone bad enough to rescue the President.
The president has been kidnapped by ninjas! Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the president? The Bad Dudes are.
by HeoandReo May 31, 2007
Female emo on that CSI show.
"Catherine Willows wants to be a good role model for her unruly daughter, and to prove so, she takes cases involving females intensely emotionally. Slit!"
by HeoandReo June 28, 2007
Some manga or thing that everyone except me knows about.
Person: OMG kawaii i <3 t3h Fruits Basket!!!1!!!
Me: Hur?
by HeoandReo May 31, 2007
Some guy on that CSI show who's almost as emo as Catherine, and whose screaming will tempt you to shoot yourself in the head.
"I'll never forgive Nick Stokes for that Grave Danger episode."
by HeoandReo June 28, 2007

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