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was right
Magneto was right.
by megafest7 March 21, 2010
The most epic song ever written. It is by Rammstein.
Reise, Reise Seeman Reise
Jeder tut's auf seine Weise
Der eine stößt den Speer zum Mann
Der andere zum Fische dann!
by megafest7 May 03, 2010
An exceptionally good (or bad) pun which would make an American groan. This MUST be delivered with a perfectly straight face. It is considered an art form, called "Wortspiel" in Germany.
Person A -- Did you hear about the guy who drove his car into a tree to find out how a Mercedes bends?

Person Q -- *GROAN* Damn your German joke!
by megafest7 April 01, 2010
An industrial metal band from Finland. They are sometimes accused of plagiarizing Rammstein, but they no more copy Rammstein than Rammstein copies Laibach. The only reasons they are even accused of this are that they are an industrial group, sing in a language other than English, and used pyrotechnics in one of their videos.

The band's current members are:
Patrik Mennander − vocals
Anssi Auvinen − guitar
Mika Kamppi − bass
Timo Laatikainen − drums

Former members:
Sami Karppinen - drums
Kai Ahvenranta − guitar

They have released five albums to date, Kuori (2002), Riisu (2003), Radium (2005), Amortem (2006), Rabies (2008)
Ruoska is a great band.
by megafest7 March 30, 2010

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