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3 definitions by AnthOhKnee

(n.) When you wake up with morning wood and you suddenly lose it because you see your mom is in your room trying to wake you up for school.
Me: " I had the biggest morning wood this morning til my mom walked in!"
Friend: " Talk about a morning wood-chopper
by AnthOhKnee July 11, 2011
45 8
That one kid you know that you can't be serious with or you can be the biggest comedian hanging out with him because he just laughs at anything/anyone/anywhere/ every time.
Me: "Yeah I'm going through some tough times, my parents are getting divorced."
Sir Laughs A Lot: "Hahahahahahahaahahahahahahaahahah!"

Me: "Knock-Knock"
Sir Laughs A Lot: "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahah!"
by AnthOhKnee July 16, 2011
33 4
The name given to the biggest Jew out of your friends, the one who picks up all the pennies, nickels, and dimes.
Me: "Wow, Joey was being such a Jew today, he pretty much had the power to grab anything metal and picked up all the coins off of my living-room floor and put in in his pocket!"
Friend: "Wow, what a Magneto"
by AnthOhKnee July 16, 2011
47 19