Verb: What you say after you get someone to say what. It also makes people feel stupid when you get MUHed.
Person 1(mumble): Did you her the teacher fart in studyhall?
Person 2: What?
Person 1: MUH!
by lknsplnk May 18, 2011
A typical annoying response to anything, similar to meh, but like the cheap knock off brand.

Also can be used as an insult.
"How was your lunch today?"


"You are SO MUH"
by jazzie pazazzie February 04, 2010
An expression of great indifference or sluggishness. It is the verbal equivalent of a shrug, usually said when you don't care about what just occurred or what someone just said. Some people think it is related to meh, except that this word is so much better!!!!!!!!!!
Matt: Jeez...
Matt: You need to stop being lazy
Fred: muh
by Fredy Garcia February 13, 2007
A shortened form of the phrase: "Must be nice". Created out of pure laziness of not wanting to say the entire phrase. Sometimes the word "It" is placed in front, meaning: "It must be nice".
Jeff: "Want to go to the Outpost for some beers?"

Eric: "Sure, just got my pogie cheque today."

Jeff: "Muh!"

Mitch: "I'm Buying in for $30"
Devon: "Muh!"
Mitch: "For You!"
Devon: "FOR YOU!!"
by TBaytilted March 01, 2010
(1) When something is just plain weird, stupid, or fake.
(2) When someone says something weird, stupid, or a bad comeback.
(3) Complete rejection
(1) Movie: A man falls off a 10 story building and keeps running. Background -Muh!
(2) Statement: Man, your mom is like a shoe, she keeps walking all over the place. Background: -MUH!

(3) Q: Hey, Do you want to go bowling? Ans:-MUH!
by Aceper1 June 20, 2011
Word that can be expressed for smoking marijuana,showing that you enjoy something,or like something. Saying that you are high is also referred to as muh.

Steven and Al made up the word MUH first!!
Al: Steven, do you want to muh after school?
Steven: muh

Steven: Muh look at that car!
Al: Muhhh

Al: Im muh hungry
Steven: Muh me too
by Anus34 June 12, 2010
When you have nothing else to say in certain situations you just flop your hand forwad and say in a deep voice MUH!
Gemma sits in an awkward situation, therefore she does muh.
by flowersandpetalsandseeds123 February 12, 2011
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