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When someone texts you completely random and/or insignificant information only pertaining to themselves, as if they were updating their Facebook status.
Lauren (via text): I'm taking pictures at my sister's wedding!!!
Grace (via text): Please, no status texting. Save that shit for Facebook.
by wecomefromstars June 06, 2010
Abbreviation of Douchebag of the Day, a term coined by YouTube celebrity sxephil on "The Philip DeFranco Show". Refers to a person or a group of people current in the news who has done something outlandishly stupid and/or taboo. Always a douchebag.
Philip DeFranco: (after discussing a girl who threw a bucket of puppies into a river)...And that is what makes her the DOTD.
by wecomefromstars October 28, 2010
An abbreviation of "In That State of Mind", referring to doing something while high (typically off of marijuana).
Josh: Dude, I'm seeing Avatar ITSOM tomorrow!
Matt: Woah! Can I come?
Josh: Bro, get your own weed.
by wecomefromstars February 18, 2010
A french surrealist one-act play that takes place on the first platform of the Eiffel tower, including characters such as an ostrich and a living camera. Written by Jean Cocteau in 1921. Watching it is highly considered an alternative to doing acid/LSD.
Drug Dealer: Hey Kevin, you back for some more acid?
Kevin: Hell no, man! I'm seeing Eiffel Tower Wedding Party tomorrow night!
by wecomefromstars January 31, 2010
Post-Inception Realization is the realization a person comes across after viewing Christopher Nolan's 2010 film, "Inception". At first, they refer to it as "the best movie ever made" or "biggest mind fuck ever", only to realize a few days later that the movie was actually pretty average.
Matt: Shit man, I just saw Inception! Best fucking movie ever!!
Jason: I saw it last week, just wait for Post-Inception Realization to kick in.
by wecomefromstars July 22, 2010
a more urban way of saying "mother fucker".
"I'm tired as a muh!"
by wecomefromstars February 23, 2011
The anxious countdown to when you will be able to smoke weed next. Can range from minutes to weeks.
Wendy: (on Facebook chat) hey what are you up to?
Peter: (on Facebook chat) ugh I'm on a toke countdown until my parents go to bed.
by wecomefromstars February 24, 2011

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