When you have nothing else to say in certain situations you just flop your hand forwad and say in a deep voice MUH!
Gemma sits in an awkward situation, therefore she does muh.
by flowersandpetalsandseeds123 February 12, 2011
MUH (Miami University Hamilton) , one of the crappy regional campuses for Miami University, only attended by High School students and failures who can't make it into real college.

Name given not only because of the city it's located in, but also become thats the noise you make when you think about it.
Hey, I think i'm going to go to Miami University's Hamilton campus !

MUH? You suck, noone but failures go to MUH.
by ohohhpizzo November 13, 2009
God of FFA's on east.
by Anonymous September 08, 2003
word to describe someone not attractive.
An ugly girl walks in.
Group: MUH
by Mike Maida January 02, 2008
when someone or something looks odd, it is simply muh, Or if something funny happens you simply say muh.
Jenny - joey, i have crabs
joey - Muh
by joey ash February 17, 2004
to smoke down on that chronic
yo man that muh was some straight chronic
by nickwii December 21, 2006
used @ whrhs to mean "bullshit" or to say something isnt true
tony- yo i fucked 3 bitches last night... at once!
bob- muh... fagget
by Fenni July 23, 2006

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