High grade Marijuana. Muh can aslo be used as a verb defining the action of smoking high grade Marijuana.
John and I went down to the basement to Muh now we are higher than giraffe pussy.
by Jonathan Hoopherpeir September 22, 2008
A slang term that can be either a Verb, Noun, Pronoun, or Adjective. It's meaning is whatever the user wants it to mean. However, it is often used to communicate indifference, or frustration. Somtimes used as a term of endearment.
This stinks, it's very Muh

This rocks it's so Muh!

you're a Muh!

Hi Muh

well... MUH!

Muh on you

Muh all over you

Muh on you and your kin
by dfccarrion December 01, 2007
The noise that only a horny gorilla can properly utter.
"MUH!" screamed the gorilla in heat
by George June 21, 2004
An abbreviation of the word 'mush' meaning mate.
'Hello, how are you my friend?' can be shortened to 'Alreet muh!'
by Roo89 August 19, 2008
a moaning noise that is said when u either just dont know wat to say or when u see a really ugly person and u say this "sound" before u start to use the real word for an ugly person (look up te word moofa)

can also be used when leaving someone a message on their cell phone,to piss them off

on cell as a voicemail
muh, muhhh, MUHH, muh , muhhhhh muhhhhh muhhhh, call me back MUH!
by Ally Beer August 18, 2005
a term used by a lady almost always
to either another lady or dude
a deeper word than "my" but meaning
the same thing
lady: your muh best friend :]
dude: since you said muh we must be more than friends
by certifiedgigolo March 21, 2008
Originally, "muh" was a contraction of "muwahahaha," a sort of quick way of adding diabolical laughter to a phrase. It now has a number of meanings, and is often used as a random interjection, or just dispersed throughout a sentence. At the end of a sentence, it adds an emphatic note to the whole. Standing alone as an adjective, it means something so bizarre or intrisically unique that it can't be described any other way. In front of an adjective or adverb, it acts as an intensifier. Muh is also associated with a pink paranoid chihuahua, although experts haven't yet determined just how this applies. Muh can also be used as a greeting, a challenge, a threat, or just something fun to scream at the top of your lungs (an act referred to as a "screamuh").
"Now, I will destroy the space station with my positronic ray! MUH!"
"That woman has muh hair."
"This was the most muh delicious dessert I've ever eaten."
by R. Todd Pack October 13, 2006

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