An exclamitory one word for saying "I like it!"
Crone -to goat-: What do you say when you see a corvette?
Goat -to Crone-: Muh

Bob:Dude look at that chick
Joe:Muh! Nice ass!
by unknown November 03, 2004
an expressive noise of being bored and slightly pissed off, normally after something deeply ironic has happened
person you have had your eye on for a while asks out best friend whilst sitting in a maths exam
by yzibella January 03, 2005
"I am going to", which derived as an agressive offshoot of the mighty finna.
"Muh go get some schlitz fo-teez"
by MopDawg December 27, 2003
usually a use of expression in panic or alarm towards something. -especially heard when around a loved one.
gf: "muh???"
bf: "what's wrong, sweetie? %_%"
by geezus February 01, 2003
Oral sex; sucking a penis
Crazy muh; Got muh?; wana give me muh?
by FBC February 19, 2005
muh is coll to cool
mi am a muh and u are too
by alles December 15, 2003
a high school located in Milwaukee, WI full of tools that live off of their parents money. They don't know a female if she were laying butt naked in front of them. They pretend to be all intense about sports but they truly do suck. Their fans don't even know how to watch sports. They all take it up the ass from each other.
I go to Marquette.. Cheerleading practice was SO intense yesterday. I got to look up my male flyers skirt and someone wasn't wearing any underwear! Oh yeah, and group shower after. I was failing class too, but my daddy just gave the teacher some money so now I have an A. Best day ever. I love MUHS!
by muhshockeysucks January 28, 2011

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