A term used to describe a moment of sexual tension between two homosexual individuals. Usually denotes that the attraction was not acted on.
Female: "Alison totally had a mo-mo with that cute chick at the gay bar."

Male: "Mark and I had a mo-mo in the locker room"
by Katethegrape April 22, 2011
1. A character in the anime Peach Girl.
2. Japanese for peach tree.
Momo is my favourite character in Peach Girl.
by SassyCassy August 31, 2007
Think of the dumbest person you know. Thats the best way I can describe the term Mo-Mo
Did you see how drunk Joe got last night? What a Mo-Mo. For short, "Hey Mo, while ya up, get me a beer."
by john mc May 20, 2005
a cross between an idiot and a moron
originally from the Boston, Mass. area.
I really made a mo-mo of myself.
by Mel-C March 11, 2005
The cutest boyfriend ever. I love him. So much. He's my everything... Heh. c:
Momo: Good morning, baby. c: How'd you sleep? :o

by Yo' Penis May 06, 2012
Described as a employee in a large corporate environment who is lazy, incompetent, performs redundant tasks, and is overpaid. Typical candidate is looked at in disdain by co-workers but is usually protected by corporate management. Large representation of these empolyees are over 55 and are counting down days to retirement and pension eligibility.
I got a bunch of MOMO's on this project. No wonder why it can't get done.

We laid off a bunch of MOMO's today, which will add savings the company's bottom line.

Why do they let these MOMO's keep getting a paycheck for doing no work?
by Passat02 July 13, 2009
From the street artist that rode his bicycle and had paint spilling from the back of his bike on purpose. Furthermore, he let the paint spill for an 8 Mile stretch in the heart of New York City. The route of the spilled paint spelled out his name, MOMO. His work was done in the year of 2006 and an article was featured in "The New York Times" four years later. Nevertheless, the word "MOMO" is use to describe specifically a distance that is 8 miles long. Running, biking, or even kayaking would be appropriate as long as it is 8 miles long.
Mike-Hey, how much we are running today
Quoc-We are running a "MOMO".

Jenny-Don't tell me the nearest path mark is a "MOMO"!?
Quoc-Yup it is that far away, get the trekking son!
by TheQuocieMonster September 20, 2010

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