A term used to describe a moment of sexual tension between two homosexual individuals. Usually denotes that the attraction was not acted on.
Female: "Alison totally had a mo-mo with that cute chick at the gay bar."

Male: "Mark and I had a mo-mo in the locker room"
by Katethegrape April 22, 2011
A brute machine who talks unprecedented amounts of shit and takes the gerth of any cylindrical object up the ass whilst having a red gimp ball in his mouth.
Mo Mo - "To be honest lads she wasn't a brute!"
Other guy - "She was chronic, she looked like Predator. You're such a Mo Mo"
by jmantizzle November 03, 2010
Think of the dumbest person you know. Thats the best way I can describe the term Mo-Mo
Did you see how drunk Joe got last night? What a Mo-Mo. For short, "Hey Mo, while ya up, get me a beer."
by john mc May 20, 2005
a cross between an idiot and a moron
originally from the Boston, Mass. area.
I really made a mo-mo of myself.
by Mel-C March 11, 2005
The cutest boyfriend ever. I love him. So much. He's my everything... Heh. c:
Momo: Good morning, baby. c: How'd you sleep? :o

by Yo' Penis May 06, 2012
Described as a employee in a large corporate environment who is lazy, incompetent, performs redundant tasks, and is overpaid. Typical candidate is looked at in disdain by co-workers but is usually protected by corporate management. Large representation of these empolyees are over 55 and are counting down days to retirement and pension eligibility.
I got a bunch of MOMO's on this project. No wonder why it can't get done.

We laid off a bunch of MOMO's today, which will add savings the company's bottom line.

Why do they let these MOMO's keep getting a paycheck for doing no work?
by Passat02 July 13, 2009
a type of dumpling that is consumed in Nepal, India, Tibet, etc.
Momos are popular in Nepal.
by uttam maharjan June 09, 2011

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