A pet name for Mohinder Suresh of the TV Show Heroes, which started out really good but now I have no idea what's going on.
Mohinder: Sylar, you MONSTER!
Syler: Oh, MOMO. You don't mean that!
by The Turtle Totem October 24, 2008
The nice way to call someone promiscuous such as slut or whore. Usually used when adolescents are around adults especially during camps.
Did you see Katherine making out with the twin brothers? She is such a momo
by foofan2 July 10, 2008
Being sexy and hot at the same time; May also be moderatley intelligent; Simitnously possining the qualities of an aphrodisiac.
WOW! what a MOMO
MOMO is looking good
I am in love with MOMO
by uga25 April 09, 2006
Short for a Motel & more discreet.
Hey, let's go to a MOMO to kick back.
by Ludwika May 19, 2005
The word orginated from me when I came across abunch of girls or guys wit tight clothes on.

A scene/ emo wearing inappropriate clothing showing off excess of fat and trying to blend wit todays culture. Not doing a good job of it.
Ew look at that momo she has too tight of a shirt on!

that momo was talking to me and I could just see his fat but.
by S. Valentine April 19, 2010
somone who is not as cool as you but it can also mean loser, moron, etc etc basically whatever you want it to mean
That kid was a momo because he sat at home all day playing World of Warcraft
by not a momo January 11, 2009
stupid dumb crap
your a big fat momo
by m.c.o.o September 03, 2008

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