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Short for a Motel & more discreet.
Hey, let's go to a MOMO to kick back.
by Ludwika May 19, 2005
A stupid or socially retarded person who is unaware of anyone else or their surroundings.
Look at this fucking MoMo, driving the wrong way on the highway.
by successful360 May 06, 2009
somone who is not as cool as you but it can also mean loser, moron, etc etc basically whatever you want it to mean
That kid was a momo because he sat at home all day playing World of Warcraft
by not a momo January 11, 2009
The nice way to call someone promiscuous such as slut or whore. Usually used when adolescents are around adults especially during camps.
Did you see Katherine making out with the twin brothers? She is such a momo
by foofan2 July 10, 2008
abbreviation for more money, if youd need more money you go to your boss and tell him that you want momo
"hey boss, give me momo"
by RMCF February 01, 2008
A popular african american term for a cocaine laced blunt.
Hey dawg, I don't got enough coke for snortin', so lets roll up a Momo instead.
by Jtizzle the jizzle August 10, 2007
A person who has Asian-small-eyes, a big ego, watches YouTube, and looks up urban dictionary for everything. Usually referred to as being a female- a.k.a Female Momo(FM).
Oh! Yeah! Anant the Female Momo in the his house!
by R-Dizzle-For-Shizzle..Drizzle September 11, 2010