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A dump between Bacchus Marsh and Melbourne. If you go there, you WILL be stabbed. No question.

Full of Somalis running around with knives in their shoes and drunken bogans whose answer to everything is to glass you in the face.
After you've been stabbed and glassed, it is fairly likely that you'll end up being pricked with a dirty syringe by a young woman in a robe (probably called Mercedes or Charlotte). You will then be abused by an obese person sitting outside the McDonalds.

"Oh no, I have to go to Melton as part of my placement."

"Make sure you take that taser."
by Colacman May 23, 2010
a shithole inbetween melbourne and bacchus marsh. you are guaranteed to get raped or stabbed if you walk around there alone.
avoid lurking around in the south end, as there are way to many pedos.
Johnny remember to take his rape alarm when going to melton safeway.
by fairenough11 August 11, 2011
To insert one's finger into an unsuspecting strangers anus.
That girl totally just got a Melton from that creepy guy!
by Captain Stink Finger May 23, 2016
Cutting a hot zester right in someone's face, and smiling at them in the process.
Dude, Nate just meltoned Tie when he was watching TV.
by mtsudaff January 30, 2009
An infected wart, usually found on one's butt cheeks or genital region.

On the streets, it is commonly referred to as Melton Mumps or Bogan Tattoo.
I'm not sure what it is Doctor, please tell me it isn't a Melton!
by Papa13 January 01, 2011
A swift attack with a rocker panel resulting in complete annihilation.
On Putin's orders, the Russian army may melton NYC with a fleet of rusty Ladas. Dave meltoned that light at Knox.
by ptwelve June 25, 2007
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