Name of Tarzan's daughter, a cute, innocent nomadic girl who appears to be wild and aggressive only to defend herself. She is actually very kind, loving and always want to help people in troubles. She's mute by the way, or speaks in a language that no one uderstands.
You've been lost in the wood all day right, my dear Momo, and now you come home disheveled?
by ThoTui May 07, 2013
A general idiot someone who you extremely dislike, generally leeches to society.
There's Momos everywhere in this damn school.
by Tyla W February 27, 2012
A great nickname for an amazing, talented, funny, loyal, and overall awesome best friend! You can't go wrong with the name momo! He's always there for you when you need him and can always cheer you up when your down. <3
Brandon is such a MoMo! <3
by I Go Rawr<3 April 29, 2011
in Konkani (language of Goa and Mangalore and Konkan region of Maharastra).

Also, a steamed Chinese dish that looks and feels like breasts, made of rice batter with meat filling inside.
I love momos.
Her momos are really big
by Geo January 23, 2005
a man who dresses like a woman in a video game
are you a he/she /it /or momo.
by tattdinterpreter August 11, 2014
Momo is the best cousin in the world. She is funny, kind, and loving. She loves stars and rainbows. She is fun to hang out with. I love Melissa.
I'm going to Branson with Momo, and ride the giant swing.
by kamkonkon November 22, 2012
Literally dumpling in Chinese, figuratively your down as chick or guy. Usually in secret, your momo is not your friend or real partner. Your secret non-sexual lover. Both parties are Momos and must be in committed relationships to be called so.
You go to the gym and work out with another person of the opposite sex. You workout, text, email and talk with minor flirting but there's nothing going on. That person is your Momo.
by mochamomo January 14, 2012

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