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A person who is cool, loving, humble, kind and caring. A momo never judges a book by its cover. A momo is really good at giving advice
Wheres a momo when you need advice
by Whos asking March 01, 2014
A girl who is attractive & Cute. She is quiet but when you get to know her she is more than you can think about. She it also known as Princess to one of her best friends. All of her best friend consider her as their SISTER. She is kind, lovable, selfless and selfish at the same time. She don't like messy things. She is one of those friend who you can get advises from about Relationship but don't have one for herself. She is serious about her education. She has an AWESOME personality, if you get to know her inside. She always has a plan about what she gonna do.
Momo likes to help out other people. When she is bored, she will start a random conversation from nowhere or start annoying others. She love animals, stuff toys and baby cloths (cloths for little babies). You can say she is almost Perfect (nobody is Perfect).
by Logan B. October 02, 2013
Regional slang for members of the Church if Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints or "Mormons". Used regularly through the 80's by non-Mormon Utah residents.
Experiencing some what of a renascence in light of the recent political aspirations of one well known LDS member.
"Not happening dude, she's a momo."

"They are a bunch of momophobes. They will just stay home if that guy wins the nomination."
by raddad53 March 03, 2012
Name of Tarzan's daughter, a cute, innocent nomadic girl who appears to be wild and aggressive only to defend herself. She is actually very kind, loving and always want to help people in troubles. She's mute by the way, or speaks in a language that no one uderstands.
You've been lost in the wood all day right, my dear Momo, and now you come home disheveled?
by ThoTui May 07, 2013
A general idiot someone who you extremely dislike, generally leeches to society.
There's Momos everywhere in this damn school.
by Tyla W February 27, 2012
Short for Mormon, used by visitors to Salt Lake City, other highly Mormon populated places, or around Massachusetts governer Mitt Romney so as not to offend the Mormons. Usually used in a derogetory sense but not a derogetory word.
So the Mormons, (see Mitt Romney coming) I mean, the mo-mo's really started Salt Lake city with 3 women? What weirdo's!
by Mister N February 24, 2006
Literally dumpling in Chinese, figuratively your down as chick or guy. Usually in secret, your momo is not your friend or real partner. Your secret non-sexual lover. Both parties are Momos and must be in committed relationships to be called so.
You go to the gym and work out with another person of the opposite sex. You workout, text, email and talk with minor flirting but there's nothing going on. That person is your Momo.
by mochamomo January 14, 2012