From the street artist that rode his bicycle and had paint spilling from the back of his bike on purpose. Furthermore, he let the paint spill for an 8 Mile stretch in the heart of New York City. The route of the spilled paint spelled out his name, MOMO. His work was done in the year of 2006 and an article was featured in "The New York Times" four years later. Nevertheless, the word "MOMO" is use to describe specifically a distance that is 8 miles long. Running, biking, or even kayaking would be appropriate as long as it is 8 miles long.
Mike-Hey, how much we are running today
Quoc-We are running a "MOMO".

Jenny-Don't tell me the nearest path mark is a "MOMO"!?
Quoc-Yup it is that far away, get the trekking son!
by TheQuocieMonster September 20, 2010
Member of the LDS chruch, Mormon
Brett is still pretty cool even though he's a momo.
Look at those momo's riding bikes.
by AlejandroPerez June 20, 2011
A pet name for Mohinder Suresh of the TV Show Heroes, which started out really good but now I have no idea what's going on.
Mohinder: Sylar, you MONSTER!
Syler: Oh, MOMO. You don't mean that!
by The Turtle Totem October 24, 2008
The nice way to call someone promiscuous such as slut or whore. Usually used when adolescents are around adults especially during camps.
Did you see Katherine making out with the twin brothers? She is such a momo
by foofan2 July 10, 2008
Somebody with a bad haircut resembling that of a Fraggle.
Richard was often called Momo as his hair-straighteners gave him Fraggle-like hair.
by Simon Gregory September 26, 2007
Being sexy and hot at the same time; May also be moderatley intelligent; Simitnously possining the qualities of an aphrodisiac.
WOW! what a MOMO
MOMO is looking good
I am in love with MOMO
by uga25 April 09, 2006
a car wheels company
yo fooo imma buy some momo wheels so i can roll like james bond when weas gettin pussy
by DJ-BILLZ June 04, 2005

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