Short for Mormon, used by visitors to Salt Lake City, other highly Mormon populated places, or around Massachusetts governer Mitt Romney so as not to offend the Mormons. Usually used in a derogetory sense but not a derogetory word.
So the Mormons, (see Mitt Romney coming) I mean, the mo-mo's really started Salt Lake city with 3 women? What weirdo's!
by Mister N February 24, 2006
a man who dresses like a woman in a video game
are you a he/she /it /or momo.
by tattdinterpreter August 11, 2014
1. A character in the anime Peach Girl.
2. Japanese for peach tree.
Momo is my favourite character in Peach Girl.
by SassyCassy August 31, 2007
Cool ass name
Kid: Yo, shit, your name is like Momo
Momo: Hell yea
by Le Momo November 01, 2013
A very fat mama who is ussually oversize
Nowdays I'm balling out with momos
by LivingAntivirus July 07, 2013
A Moron's Moron.

compare to: a Man's Man
Bill is such a mo-mo, even that retard Joe thinks he's an idiot.
by stephen_ June 09, 2005
A momo is a man who is very stress-heady who can tend to fixateon one subject and only talk about that , and never talk about anything else.A momo is a man that attempts to make funny jokes, but no one ever laughs at them, because they are lame and unfunny. Also, a momo is the kind of guy that enjoys eating plates full of potatoes alone.
Person 1: "god im so stressed because I can't make everyone understand about different kinds of lightbulbs and I just want to eat some potatoes"

Person 2: "wow, you are such a momo "
by tinkywinky45 May 01, 2013

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