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Acronym for Monday Night Guildford -> Big night out in Guildford, Surrey
Boy 1: MNG?
Boy 2: Fuck yes!
by Guildfordboy June 27, 2011
A file type one would _think_ makes animated GIFs nearly obsolete, but instead doesn't have much support.
MNG barely has any support, and isn't very well known. It's a shame, really.
by Intelligence: The Anti-N00b March 21, 2005
A large, ugly pimple that develops on the ass if you haven't been washing for a while. It doesn't hunt, but will otherwise annoy until finally popped (usually with fire). If you don't continue to wash, it'll come back in six weeks.
Person 1: Dude, my ass is annoying the fuck outta me.

Person 2: I think you got an MNG on your ass. You should pop that shit and start washing your ass, you greasy motherfucker.
by Everyday Common Sense January 30, 2011