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A euphamism for smoking weed.
"Dude, I'm skiving physics to go 'play cards'"
by xephelion December 09, 2004
Making out in a tent.
My friends caught me playing cards.
by milliebeanz April 07, 2011
A MMF sexual position in which the chick bends over doggy style, giving one guy a blowjob and having the other guy pump her. Called so because it looks like the two guys are playing cards on her back.
So I was playing cards on this chick's back with her boyfriend, and she called me the next day and asked for some one-on-one time. I kick ass!
by General Septem February 04, 2010
Term used for masterbation.
She was playing cards and went all in!
by leidback December 04, 2008
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