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a MIF is a MILF without the L.
In other words, a mom that I fucked.
charlie: Damn look at Michele's mom she is such a MILF!
Me: Nah, she's a MIF on my list.
by osco50 March 14, 2008
37 10
Mom I Fucked
Guy 1:Kevin's mom is the ultimate milf
Guy 2:Nah dude shes a mif
Guy 1:What's a mif?
Guy 2:Mom I Fucked
by Todd April 20, 2004
37 14
Mom or Mother I fucked
Steven:Kevin's mom is the ultimate milf
Garret:Nah dude shes a mif
Steven:What's a mif?
Garret:Mom I Fucked
by peaurgboipsgb May 25, 2007
58 38
Mom I'm fucking.
See that blonde over there? She's my mif!
by RhodesNYC May 18, 2009
20 7
Similar to MILF "Mum I'd Like To Fuck", however MIF stands for "Mum I Fucked".
Harry: Kenny your Mum's a MILF

Kenny: Oi!

Ryan: Kenny your Mum's a MIF

Kenny: ....

Ryan: ;)
by Dyaaar December 12, 2009
10 4
Represents a description of woman, most likely the mother of a close friend, in a given point of time. MIFs are women who used to be known as MILFS. Mother I Fucked!
1.I enjoyed her transition from a MILF to a MIF very much.

2. Dude, did your mom tell you she aint a MILF any more?

3. Steve, I finally did Maja. - Whoww.. so she turned from a MILF into a MIF.
by Sakicman October 12, 2011
5 2
Mom I'd fuck. Precursor, and more concise form of, the term MILF that was around long before the movie American Pie
Even though matt's mom is sixty, she is still a MIF
by Augie50 July 13, 2006
14 26