my head shaken.
if the thought "ain't isn't a word" crosses your mind consider mhs.
by Liamailiam June 02, 2016
MHS is a creepy smile which, if directed at you, will indicate that at some point, they will try and make out with/pull you, irrelevant to your state of consciousness (ie, sober or drunk). This is usually something that you don't want to happen, so you tend to try and avoid the MHS.
'"Be careful, he's giving you a full MHS!"
by missdarlin___ February 24, 2011
MHS means "Must Have Spotify" i.e. when sharing a playlist
on a social networking site one should notify the readers
that it is for spotify!!
#listeningto #(insert artist name) "(insert track name)"... omgggg soo sweet!!! I ♥ this playlist sooo much!!! #listentoithere-> (insert spotify playlist or shortened spotify link) MHS

Omgg this playlist is soo good! (insert spotify playlist or shortened spotify link) MHS
by Sweetrevo October 29, 2009
The abbreviated form of Monkeys Hate School. Commonly used to cheer people that have just eaten unsuspectingly Coblin.
Mhs so don't worry
by Momo November 28, 2003
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