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A Fullbrook is a word used to describe a person who has an obsession with the British band Take That and the TV series Doctor Who, and often wishes the two would combine. If a person is a Fullbrook, then they are also likely to have a turtle fetish and be awkward.
Fullbrook's tend to be pretty cool, but unfortunately are in the habit of getting stuck in shops and falling down holes.
Wow, you must be a Fullbrook!
by missdarlin___ February 24, 2011
MHS is a creepy smile which, if directed at you, will indicate that at some point, they will try and make out with/pull you, irrelevant to your state of consciousness (ie, sober or drunk). This is usually something that you don't want to happen, so you tend to try and avoid the MHS.
'"Be careful, he's giving you a full MHS!"
by missdarlin___ February 24, 2011
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