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"mh" can be the phonetic sound when agreeing to something
"Have you done your homework?"
by Neko-chi October 31, 2011
Computer game abbreviation for map-hack.
*****: You have mh?
*****: Well... let's just say I usually take the lead...
by Harkeran Ginzoshou August 12, 2004
When someone is fuck ugly, but you'd absolutely destroy them in bed.
Cameron: Cor, look at the state of that skank

Jordan: Total M.H.S tho!

Harry: Yeah I'd fuck that, what a M.H.S
by Banterlope November 23, 2014
multiple husbands, a bitch that has had so many guys and still cant find one thats good enough for her,
a woman who is a total whore yet hates men,
all ex-husbands wind up in prison, but not before impregnanting her at least twice,
a welfare mother of many many children, may aslo be refered to as MK(multi-kid),
a woman who snaps "sexy" pictures of her stretchmarked ass on myspace looking for her "one true love"
by the time she reached seven kids MH had already lost four husbands and developed a bad case of boops
by moe porne August 04, 2008
An abbreviation for "madd-hookup" (see the word "madd" and the word "hookup").

Often yelled to give approval of a situation. Often combined with the sound "uhhhhhhh" and "na na na"
Dave: You want that hookup?
Anthony: Yeah give me that MH!

Nick: Dude, Counting Crows are on stage next!
Dave: MH...uhhhhhhhhhh.....nananana.
by MH Dave January 05, 2004
Another substitute for cursing, stands for mother hell. also look up mf
Friend:"your gonna be late for class if you dont leave 3 minutes ago"

Me: "MH"
by matt October 03, 2003
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