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to wear, keep close to your body. flax plants create fibers that can be woven into linen fabrics. on a hot summer day, the fabric "flaxes" to the skin.
my girl's flaxin her cell tonight so i know the rope's tight.
by ze July 26, 2004
When a situation, object, or person completely sucks. Can be used to describe almost any unfortunate circumstance or negative trait related to something.
1) "Man, I studied for eight hours and got a "D" on the test. That test was Flax!"
2) "Jasons' so Flax he's content to work flipping burgers for the rest of his life."
3) When you're in a real hurry to get to work and get nothing but red lights, it's perfectly acceptable to shout, "Flax!" at the top of your lungs.
4) "I hate my friggin' Flax job!
5) "You bought a Yugo? Don't you know those cars are Flax?"
by PilotSteve August 11, 2008
n. A promising upcoming caucasian rapper who is about to burst onto the scene.
n. Man Flax's rhymes are sick!
by Matt March 06, 2005
Exerting flatulence while flexing. In other words, farting while u'mirin yourself in the mirror.
*Flexes muscles* *fart* Whoops. I flaxed.
by A.D Samus February 27, 2011
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