the sound a human makes to imitate a cat


like the word me & the word ow

i know you know what meow must be bored
by jfunk2 January 10, 2007
1. A word used to compensate when one doesn't know the lyrics "when it comes to meow meow its just me, myself and I....."
2. Sound of happiness one makes when no other word is sufficient. "MEOW : D" or "me-fucking-ow"
3. Sound of utter boredom one makes when one is too bored to form real words. (meow)
4. A very short and snappy meow can be used to show lack of patience. " Yeah I'll move the nav element half a pixel down, . meow."
5. When one is on TV and experiencing extreme physical trauma. ~ carrot and the stick man sits in the same room as me ~ yes most people don't remember the program ~
6.  A word used to describe attractive members of opposite sex "meeeeeee ow look at that fine specimen"
7. Used in place of blah blah blah. meowmeowmeow
read the examples above meow meow meow
by missmai June 25, 2004
A word meaning now. Originated in the movie Super Troopers where two officers decide how many times they can say "meow" in place of now, before the driver becomes too suspicious
Cop: "Do you know how fast you were going right meow?"
Driver: *laughs*
Cop: "Meow, is there something funny boy?"
Driver: "Excuse me, but are you saying meow?"
Cop: "Am i saying meow? Am i saying meow? Boy, do i look like a kitty cat all hippity hop from tree to tree? Meow, driver's licence and registration please."
by Evan916 September 29, 2006
meow is a relatively new drug to hit the streets. It is basically methadrone (4-methylmethcathinone) aka 4mmCAT (the "CAT" part being the reason for the nickname meow) which is a psychoactive drug. Although Mephedrone is often compared with the entactogen stimulant MDMA/Ecstasy, Mephedrone has predominantly stimulant properties. This means that the effects of Mephedrone tend to be nearer to Amphetamine or Cocaine then to MDMA/Ecstasy.

Meow/Mephedrone is most commonly sold as a white powder or crystal form or capsules containing the powder. It can also be found in pill form. It is sold as plant food via internet, some users report it to be contained in some legal highs and sometimes sold mixed with Methylone, often known as “Bubbles”
Her: What the hell have you been taking, you look awful!

Him: I've been on "meow" tonight
by dizzyJ November 02, 2009
1. A word used to express boredom.
2. When yoo are being a kitty.
3. When said suddenly in mid sentence, it can tell one to shut up.
-"So, how are yo-"
by emilysahoe July 08, 2006
Used to point out that someone has made a rather bitchy comment.
"Did you see those shoes?!"
by JellyTruffles March 06, 2007
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