The most assfaced person of all times, very gay and n00bish.

=J= M-C came to my house yesterday
-L- OMG john, you are a grade-A tosser!
=J= I know :-(
by MS January 30, 2005
Mc (Said as MUC) refers to a red-head that often resembles the mascots from McDonalds
"Look @ that fucking Mc"
by Tonemasterman February 02, 2010
MC is an abbreviation for Massage Chair
Linda: I really wish i had my MC now
Jackson: Me to i could really use a massage
by kellykolango December 27, 2009
AKA: Major Census
Online gamer connected to inspiring soldiers to never give up hope, no matter what is lost.
M.C. is on msn..!

"Take a leaf outa MC's book"...
by Mark Johns October 22, 2006
abbreviation for Motorcycle Club
Bandidos MC, Hells Angels MC, etc.
by The Duke June 03, 2004
In WoW, designates the high-end instance 'Molten Core'
-So how was the MC run yesterday?
by Plouna March 23, 2006
a really tuff and cool person, usually goes by the name aden
wow!!! aden is such an MC,

i wish i could be like him someday
by mc hammer123 July 28, 2010

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