1. A very sexy, hot, attractive male.

2. This male has a body of a god, is flirtatious, beast football playa, great with the ladies, popular.

3. All around stud.
He is such a playa, look at him he is such a ladies man... what an Mc!
by BFFLWGST96 November 16, 2009
a really tuff and cool person, usually goes by the name aden
wow!!! aden is such an MC,

i wish i could be like him someday
by mc hammer123 July 28, 2010
A Missed Connection, usually a romantic glance or conversation without any ability to later reconnect. Popularized on Craigslist's "Missed Connections" personals.
"Why can't I ever have an MC?"
by Ped Xing August 16, 2006
1. Mc: A suffix commonly used in Gaelic surnames.
2. Mc: A suffix commonly used in the naming of the Mc Donald's Corporation food stuffs.
1. "My name is John McAllister".
2. "I ordered a Mc Chicken Sandwich".
by Pablo Esteban August 30, 2005
In the UK, it means a person who performs at a dance club, usually yelling into a microphone to techno music. It's like rap, only incomprehensible.
An example of an Mc rap, "Bidda bidda bad boy on the mic, jsdfhusdfuhuisdfhuih"
by Glad to be in the usa August 08, 2007
a "mad-cunt"
name used to describe someone who has done something fucking sick and deserves congratulation.
opposite to a GC (gay-cunt)
"man i cant believe he skulled that beer so fast, what a MC, lets go bash GC's"
by April 12, 2007
1.A prefix to almost any term.
Used in comical situations to describe almost everything.
2.Sarcastic mockage of Mc Doanld's operators. Used whilst ordering at Mc Donalds.
1. Mc-Dave went to mc-get me some mc-donalds.

2."Hi welcome to Mc Donalds how may I take your order?"
"I'd mc-like to mc-order a mc-chicken mc-cheese mc-burger. Hold the mc-cheese. Hang on i need to mc-go to the mc-toilet. Mc-scuse mc mc mc mc mc..."
by James Mc-Graham June 19, 2005
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