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1. A very sexy, hot, attractive male.

2. This male has a body of a god, is flirtatious, beast football playa, great with the ladies, popular.

3. All around stud.
He is such a playa, look at him he is such a ladies man... what an Mc!
by BFFLWGST96 November 16, 2009
A Missed Connection, usually a romantic glance or conversation without any ability to later reconnect. Popularized on Craigslist's "Missed Connections" personals.
"Why can't I ever have an MC?"
by Ped Xing August 16, 2006
In the UK, it means a person who performs at a dance club, usually yelling into a microphone to techno music. It's like rap, only incomprehensible.
An example of an Mc rap, "Bidda bidda bad boy on the mic, jsdfhusdfuhuisdfhuih"
by Glad to be in the usa August 08, 2007
1. Mc: A suffix commonly used in Gaelic surnames.
2. Mc: A suffix commonly used in the naming of the Mc Donald's Corporation food stuffs.
1. "My name is John McAllister".
2. "I ordered a Mc Chicken Sandwich".
by Pablo Esteban August 30, 2005
Synonym for 'Most Awesomely Beast'. Originating from the greek 'M' and the Latin 'C'. Often used to describe one who is better than yourself.
You jumped over that WHOLE bar!?!?
That's pretty MC, right there.
by Dubzzzzzz54532 May 15, 2009
The dickhead in the background of Armin Only: Imagine (2008) who would introduce the acts and talk absolute shit that nobody wants to hear at the most inappropriate times.
Man I wish that MC would just shut the fuck up!

Ohhh, here's that fag of an MC on stage again. I wish he would just piss off!
by townB September 16, 2008
A monstrous cock or monster cock is an unusually but pleasantly large penis. Impressive both length-wise and in girth, a man with an M.C can usually expect a round of applause whenever he disrobes. He is a God amoung men and rocks a harem of ho's, all of whom adore him. After it has been established that a man is rocking a monster cock, a first name is no longer appropriate and he should be called only "M.C".
C Dub never returned to the office that day. It was later revealed that she couldn't return after sitting on an M.C. most of the afternoon. The bitch could barey walk.

I don't care if he's broke, his M.C. is all I need.

She couldn't tear her eyes from the bulge in his pants. She had a sneaking suspicion that he was rocking an M.C..
by LuvsMCs November 07, 2007