a morning constitutional
waking up in the morning and taking a fat shit
by meganne December 25, 2004
Motorcycle Club
The Hells Angels are a MC
by H.A. FOR LIFE December 26, 2011
mad cunt
Oh what a MC!
Ur such a MC!
by theMC's June 18, 2011
The act of doing one up the butt resulting in a large amount of shit spewing across the bed and oneself.
- "Did you hear about Ethan and Marisa?"
-"Yea he totally MC'd her!"
by Veronica789 August 13, 2010
To add MC in front of any word makes it that much more intense. It gives more meaning and more excitement.
I went to that concert and man it was MClame.

Im feeling very MCmellow today.

I think your a MClop
by Ms.Peaches April 07, 2010
The most assfaced person of all times, very gay and n00bish.

=J= M-C came to my house yesterday
-L- OMG john, you are a grade-A tosser!
=J= I know :-(
by MS January 30, 2005
The word mc means curious of own sexuality, and is usually positioned in front of somebody's name. Mc is also translated from scotish to english as, sam. Mc can also mean beast if used in the right sentance, "I am a mc". Sometimes Mc can mean there is a scary man standing behind somebody. "SamMc" = sam there is a scary man standing behind you.
For example Sam Mac will become Sam McMac as he is curious of his sexuality.
by Kiwiwiwiwiwi June 15, 2010

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