Upper case M followed by lower case c: preface denoting something that is cheap, shotty, dead-end and highly standardized with little real value. Examples include:

McMansions: large, ugly, expensive houses built to order but according to a standard design by companies catering to those with money but not taste. Often prized by the newly rich who retain pedestrian middle or lower class tastes.

McJobs: low-wage, low-skill employment with no benefits and few prospects for advancement, as in WalMart.

McSchool: an unaccredited college or university that promises potential students that their marginal or worthless degrees will open career paths for them.
1. Mike got himself a Mcjob the other day, flippy burgers at the local McDonald's.

2. I can't believe my friend Janet just spent thousands of dollars on some on-line McSchool when she could have gone to an accredited state university or community college for half the money!
by BxMuscle October 03, 2010
MC traditional usage Master of Cermonies

MC- Master of C family surname and Monies
MC- Master of Carsonmonies
MC- Master of Chetnermonies
MC- Master of Clarkmonies
MC- Master of Cohenmonies
by Backwards B June 16, 2010
Midnight Commander-the great file manager for linux!
MC is for midnight Commander in the terminal.
by alleeqq July 27, 2010
moist crack
That kid has some MAJOR M.C. is that myspace picture
by catdeannajess June 26, 2009
It means minecraft, an addictive sandbox type game where you can do what you want with the main goal simple being to survive. Created by Notch
Me: What you up to?
Him: MC
by ElliotG December 05, 2010
1) a reject with no friends.
2) acts tough, but is the biggest pussy on the face of the earth.
3) is the prudest bitch alive!
4) a backstabbing piece of shit
5) pretends to fucking care about people, but the truth is, he only gives a shit about himself
dude 1: omg! did you hear that matt smith has to be forced to feel someone up?! he can't do it by himself! and hes 17 years old! what a little bitch!
dude 2: omg dude ik! and hes going out with this total whore. she actually sucked my dick last week. licked my balls too. and im 5 years older than her!
dude 1: ew! now iv gotta break up with her! WHAT A WHORE!!!! WOW now i guess he's going back to his ex with the big tits!
dude2: hey, if he doesnt get her, I WILL! <33333 yummy boobies <3333
dude 1: dude do it! its not like "MATTHEW CRAIG SMITH" actually put them into use
dude 2: omg man. ill totally fuck her too. and then text matthew and tell him every detail, cause its not like M.C.S ever gonna know what it feels like to put dick deep inside a pussy.
by madison,nj+summit,nj=death September 30, 2009
a morning constitutional
waking up in the morning and taking a fat shit
by meganne December 25, 2004

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