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Motorcycle Club. usually displayed on a club's colors in a cube on the back of a vest, usually made of leather or denim, but in the case of the Centauris, pink velvet.
Dont fuck with the El Rumpo de la Range M.C....they'll knock you down and teabag you before you know what hit ya!
by almost_665 November 05, 2005
Midnight Commander-the great file manager for linux!
MC is for midnight Commander in the terminal.
by alleeqq July 27, 2010
(not to be confused with the prefix Mc-)

1. a the host of an event or performance, musical or otherwise, a master of ceremonies

2. to be the host of an event or performance
The MC looked like he had not had a rest in days.
by The Return of Light Joker June 17, 2008
moist crack
That kid has some MAJOR M.C. is that myspace picture
by catdeannajess June 26, 2009
Upper case M followed by lower case c: preface denoting something that is cheap, shotty, dead-end and highly standardized with little real value. Examples include:

McMansions: large, ugly, expensive houses built to order but according to a standard design by companies catering to those with money but not taste. Often prized by the newly rich who retain pedestrian middle or lower class tastes.

McJobs: low-wage, low-skill employment with no benefits and few prospects for advancement, as in WalMart.

McSchool: an unaccredited college or university that promises potential students that their marginal or worthless degrees will open career paths for them.
1. Mike got himself a Mcjob the other day, flippy burgers at the local McDonald's.

2. I can't believe my friend Janet just spent thousands of dollars on some on-line McSchool when she could have gone to an accredited state university or community college for half the money!
by BxMuscle October 03, 2010
"Me cago" spanish phrase meaning you are laughing real hard..
haha that movie is so funny mc when i see it.
by HEEHIN October 09, 2010
mad cunt
Oh what a MC!
Ur such a MC!
by theMC's June 18, 2011