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Sex crazed neighbor of Peter Griffin in Family guy. ALL RIGHT.
Quagmire is the neighbor of Peter Griffin in Family guy.
by nO September 01, 2003
Mind control
"go to indymedia.org"
by no July 17, 2003
trendy bastards that have rich parents and want to be noticed.and they might have a half mohawk.
you.your dog.your mom.
by no November 19, 2003
dark shaded coverings for your eyes so you can look at women on the beach without them knowing.
She came over and slaped me 'cause I got too caught up to remember not to turn my head!
by no March 12, 2005
The worst possible thing that could be imagined, conceived, or performed by the human mind. Eating the remaining bodily fluids of a dead women may fall under this category.
"To witness an act of mung could shock the mind into insanity"
by No May 15, 2003
to have a bowel movement, to take a shit, to take a crap, etc...
"yo i'll be right back i gotta go drop the cosby kids off at the pool"
by no April 01, 2003
The REAL word for stupid donut holes.
Terry ate a TimBit, then he ate more TimBits.
by No April 05, 2005
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