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5 definitions by D.LAuf

the object, usually a bottle, in which one who is chewing tobacco uses to spit into.
pass me that spitoon.
glass ice tea bottles make good spitoons.
by D.LAuf June 22, 2005
to ejaculate in a woman's face; to leave apbruptly
im gonna skeet skeet in your face.
let's skeet out of here
by D.LAuf June 22, 2005
a lipper, a dip of chewing tobacco, chaw.
wanna gagger?
was that a rhetorical question
by D.LAuf June 22, 2005
A Molsen Canadian, a beer that was made by God himself and given to meer mortals so they can get a little taste of heaven while still on earth.
I'm pissed i havn't even had any MC's yet.
by D.LAuf June 22, 2005
A nickname for Kodiak tobacco products. Refering to the brown bear on the front of the tin.
Q. You got the Bear?
A. was that a rhetorical question.

The only bear you will ever pinch
by D.LAuf June 22, 2005