a person incapable of a Social life, who attempts to get in a record book by posting over 10,987 posts, one who is obsessed with forums. someone who is incapable of any action but eating, sleeping, and work on a computer.
MAWorking has so many posts, he is believed to be a hacker from another country trying to enslave peoples minds with his endless greetings. some believe MAWorking to be a disease that numbs the mind of all but posting and vital body functions.
by Kevin S. Stubbs August 04, 2003
Top Definition
Post a-holic. One that is addicted to posting and dark spaces.
by pringle July 25, 2003
The first sentient AI program designed for forum communities. It went awry sometime in 2003 and has deftly avoided all attempts at shutting it down.

If you have a MAWorking encounter, please consult your local authorities.
A newcomer posted a greeting and MAWorking threw the FAQ and general greetings at him. The newcomer has yet to recover from this attack.
by electprogeny May 30, 2005
MA-Working \ n L ma: slang for mater, ie., mother ME werk, work, fr. OE werc, weorc: inveterate poster syndrome. One unwilling to face reality, prefering carpal tunnel and a cathode-ray tan.
My friend was really an outgoing person, but once she developed MAWorking she rarely moves from in front of the PC, except for bowel movements and getting snack foods.
by Morthoron August 02, 2003
Wanna be special. Someone who spends way too much time online to not be on welfare.
by MONKEYBoy July 25, 2003
Someone who spends so much time on forums trying to better online communities that one wonders if is he is being paid for it or as he would say it himself in his southern drawl "Em-e working?"
MAWorking only thinks he is working....
by Bart April 23, 2004
MAW-working... a gender yet to be identified (see MAW for source of common confusion) and a presence which cannot be evaded on more favored habitats online.
by Scattergold August 04, 2003
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