One who lays major wood. One who excells in the exquisite art of delivering the wood to females. Skillz would be far superior to those of regular men.
After sex female exclaims: " dam boy... U a lumberjack! I'm gonna go make u a sandwhich!"
by Mossberg July 07, 2006
extreme martial art form, using deadly techniques to fight. though, often there is no need for thier force, since everyone is afraid of them. the one's who do oppose, die instantly...just add lumberjack.
To study the art of Lumberjack.

or just got Lumberjacked
by Sensei of LJ May 27, 2003
One who constantly uses the adjective nasty to describe things that often aren't nasty at all
look at that nasty cat said the lumberjack
by superstar12 April 16, 2009
derived from the shocker instead of two fingers inserted into the females vagina and one finger inserted into the anus the lumberjack is taken to a bigger extreme. take one fist and stick it in the females vagina and stick your other fist into the females anus while you thrust one fist in the other fist is thrusting outward making a seesaw motion with your fists in the females orphuses.
He lumberjacked the shit out of that chick.
by Neddles October 29, 2008
When two people have anal sex by putting their buttholes together then shitting logs into each others' asses.
A:Goddamn, my cock hurts too much for sex.
B:It's cool, we can lumberjack instead.
by senbeisan72 January 16, 2009
a lumberjack is someone who cuts/shuts people down very harshly. either with an axe or a hand saw or chainsaw, depending on ther serverity of the call.

it originates from the french term lumberjakoure.
"Craing ur friking lumberjack hack hack"
by Mitch the brand name bitch November 13, 2004
A particularly masculine woman, generally a lesbian. See dyke.
Susan is such a lumberjack, I'll bet she's seen more clams than a Vietnamese pearl diver.
by Chris Charles December 09, 2002
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