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adj. When one appears more physically attractive that usual and thinner in figure or outline.

Can be used to describe both males and females.
Wow! You look really svelte with that dress on.

With that tux? Man, you're svelte!
by Gilbert March 31, 2004
An adjective describing anything cool, hip, or generally awesome, replacing Paris Hilton's already tired "that's hot".
That shirt is sooo svelte.
We went to a mad svelte party, yo; that shit was off the wall.
by da j-crew July 10, 2005
Not a real world despite what certain Marylanders think
Madeleine, svelte is not a word.
by gw11 April 25, 2008
smart, witty, and has BS deflector field
"it doesn't matter how much BS they fling at svelte, she deflects it"
by john March 09, 2004
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