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a burly man who lives and dies by the axe; lives deep within the deciduous forest where he earns his livelihood by falling large trees, the size of titans.

eats a steady diet of pancakes with maple syrup, beaver, and forest ruffage.

wears a uniform of a plaid flannel shirt.

may or may not be accompanied by a blue ox.
lumber jacks, they don't taste like lumber.
by crimsonhawkman March 25, 2010
A chunky jolly fellow usual by the name LJ or chris.
Gets a buzz out of cutting down tree's then retreating to there dark lair where they drink stolen Booze and play on holographic phones.
guy:Hey look its the lumber jack
LJ: alreet
guy: Hint!
LJ: i love you.
guy: Go cut down trees
by Mcpwnzorage September 24, 2009
When someone prevents you from getting an erection, or does something that completely turns you off.

Just like a lumberjack cuts down a huge tree, it can be compared to someone killing your wood

Similar to a cock-block but worse; it could ruin several moments instead of just one.
Bro1: " Dude, last night my roommate walked in on my girlfriend and I making out. The date was ruined and now my girlfriend is afraid of my roommate walking in on us."

Bro 2: "What a lumberjack!!!!"
by MonotoneJoe November 24, 2010
A game with similar to Bloody Knuckles in that fact that people take turns inflicting pain on one another. In lumberjack, one person slaps the back of another person's hand. Then the other person slaps the first person's back of the hand. This continues until one person calls for "mercy" or whatever the end word is, or until a teacher or adult or respected authority tells you to knock it off. Some people cheat while playing Lumberjack and after they can't take it anymore, wind up for their turn, but instead of hitting their opponent's hand, they slap the opponent across the face and run like hell. In some places Lumberjack is known as Slaps. Also, sometimes people use thick and heavy pens or rulers instead of their hands.
Me and Pete play fifty rounds of Lumberjack everyday to see who is the stronger man. One day though, he took his turn by whipping out a thick diameter'd pen and whacking me with it before I could react. I pretended to take it in good humor. Then for my turn, I wound up and slapped him across the face and kicked him in the balls and ran like hell. The next day at our scheduled playing time (12:07 P.M.) we apologized for our wrongs and decided only to play on Tuesdays.
by I listen to Indie Music January 26, 2007
a lumberjack is a person who wears all plaid, every single day of their life. lumberjacks can be either antisocial or popular, and they are usually male. however, rare female lumberjacks have been spotted on occasion.

this strange group of people is a very rare subset of what is now called a hipster... the lumberjack makes being a hipster look nerdier than ever through their overuse of the plaid pattern and other hipster elements.

is you happen to meet a lumberjack, don't scare him or her off! you may never see one again!
it looks just like all your other plaid shirts... how am i supposed to tell which one it is? you're such a lumberjack!
by i_don't_owe_you_a_thing February 03, 2011
Lumber Jacking is when you eat something (no matter the size) in a single bite.
I bet you twenty dollars you can't lumber jack that steak!
by Alex Otto October 31, 2007
A gay man who behaves straight, as in Monty Python's famous sketch, "The Lumberjack Song."
"Don't let his flannel shirts and stubble fool you. He's a total lumberjack."

"No! I thought he was straight!"
by FreeLuv November 15, 2004