To fuck over an entire fanbase by writing, producing, and airing a television series finale episode so poor that even a union of hookers think it sucks more than they do. Named after the surprise regarding protagonist Dexter Morgan's fate at the end of the series finale of television show Dexter.
I was eagerly anticipating a fantastic conclusion to this series...but I got lumberjacked. We all got lumberjacked.
by Gervasex September 24, 2013
Term used to describe a chick that gives a lot of handjobs...(hand ho). One who "jacks lumber" (Gives hand jobs)
"That chick is such a Lumberjack"

"That hand ho jacks alot of lumber""
by Bphilho June 08, 2009
A sexual act involving 2 men and 1 woman with large, floppy breasts. The woman lays on her back, while each man slides his penis under a breast from each side. To avoid touching each other in the middle, the men coordinate going back and forth, like 2 lumberjacks sawing down a tree.

May also be referred to as a "See-saw"
Man 1: "I'd fuck that fatty *under* her floppy tits."
Man 2: "Me too - let's lumberjack her!"
by sureshot007 October 17, 2011
A heinously unattractive individual, usually a woman, who is so repulsive that they have garnered a title literally defined as "one who makes wood go down" in that they have the power to instantly deflate erections.
Guy #1: "What do you think of Linda?"
Guy #2: "Oh god, with the snaggletooth and the unibrow? Total lumberjack."
Guy #1: "Tell me about it. Talk about wood going DOWN, man."
Guy #2: "Timber!!"
by isabellap September 19, 2011
The practice of defecating a large sturdy floater, admiring said poopsicle and urinating on it. A well aimed healthy stream of urine causes the "log" to roll.

Popularized by the Iraqui war veteran Darrell "J.R." Salzman (born 1979), a champion logroller and an Iraq War veteran.
"Hey, Moonshine Jimmy!"
"Whats happening, Prune Juice Doyle?"
"You sure were in the outhouse for quite a spell, eh?"
"Yep. Squeaky George let out a 13 inch floater and we were having a hell of a time lumberjacking!"
by *samIam* January 13, 2012
A person who works in the woods for a living.
Paul Bunyan was a lumber jack.
by Mel Function September 05, 2003
A three some with one girl and two guys. The girl is on all fours doing oral to one guy while the other guy is behind her. The two guys take turns pulling the girl back and forth like two lumber jacks pulling a big ass saw.
Me and Bob lumberjacked the shit out of that bitch.
by sudsy2007 December 06, 2007
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