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A slang term for male genitalia
I once posed naked for a photography class, and now my schwantz is all over the internet.
by Detroit_Jay July 05, 2005
Slang-ish German word for the male organ. Literal translation is "tail".
I threw her the ol' Schwantz and she murmured: "Ja, das ist gut" ;-)
by Philip York-Hunt January 26, 2009
An unidentifiable person.

(background) A schwa as stated in the dictionary is an unidentifiable sound. The phonetic symbol used to respresent the sound.

A schwantz is an unidentifable person wandering aimlessly through life. They are not introspective. They do not know how they affect others by their actions yet they beleive they are right. They will defend their actions to the n'th degree no matter if they are 100% in the wrong.
The decision the manager made today was totally off side with company policy...what a schwantz.
by dano-mcgrano October 07, 2009
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