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Clothes that emphasise a girl's readiness for some action. A girl is wearing her 'poon pants' when she is looking mighty fine and very do-able.
Anf: "Yo Midge, did you see Holly today?"
Midge: "Yeah man she really had her poon pants on!"
Brad: "I have sex with donkeys"
by Anf July 20, 2004
The worst place in the world, which happens to have the best site in the world based on it.
"I'm so poor I don't have the internet and can't afford to go to eagleby.net"
by Anf March 21, 2005
A female who, while in the process of foreplay, will keep changing her mind, causing the male to lose wood. She will then proceed to resume foreplay, reviving the wood, until again changing her mind again. This process continues until there is no wood left
Guy 1: "Did you get with that chick last night?"
Lumberjack victim: "Nah mate, she just lumbjacked all night"
Guy 1: "That is sad, I feel very sorry for you and I think she is a dirty lumberjack"
#lumberjack #lumberjacked #horface #bignose #lumber
by Anf August 02, 2009
A person (usually with red hair and midget like appearance) who is a hippy. They love the earth and try to save it by surfing and hanging out with other hippies. This doesn't work and due to frustration, label other people as "hippies" in a bid to avoid the hippy taunts themself.
Anf: Hey clinton wat u up to?
Clint: Just going for a surf, then to Fishos to hang with some surfie mates, hippy.
Anf: You're the hippy you fecking midge.
by Anf March 30, 2004
An aussie way of saying "goodbye"
Hooroo stinky poo.
by Anf March 12, 2004
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