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The best god dam motherfucking kick ass boob jiggling, unbelievably fucking funny movie staring Will Ferrel and John C. Riley. These 2 fuckheads are the best pair of comedians to put into a fucking movie. I almost pissed myself watching this fucking hilarious shit. If they made a squeal, every fucking smart person from Toledo, Ohio, HSAT in the downtown would go see this fucking amazing funny ass shit.
Step Brothers

Will: John you awake?
John: Yea
Will: Ima punch you right in the fucking face
#boobs #step #brothers #taco #toledo #ohio
by TacoMann May 26, 2009
Friend to have sword fights with
I beat my stepbrother in a sword fight yesterday
#stepbrother #step #brother #stepbrothers #fight
by Rectum rocker May 15, 2009
A mixed-race black person who plays both sides of the fence according to when it suits them, slipping between urban vernacular to hustle and jive with the brothers and articulate prep-speak to charm whitey.
That step brother Obama is about as African as an eggroll.
#halfrican #yobama #brother #afromania #white guilt
by it be what it be March 17, 2010
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