A greasy oil like fungal life form that is often found on one's fingers after a particularly long Lays binge. Is difficult to be rid of and is considered extremely attractive to a nerd on a nerd of the different (or same) gender (whatever floats your boat). Is generally the color of the packaging of the chips. Ends it's lifespan most often inside pockets or on jean front.
androgynous nerd: Dude that's some über sweet luck you got all over your pants wanna hook up to the ending theme of some obscure movie while they're in the washer?

Irked mother: You little shit! Get this nasty fucking plant life off of your own damn pants. You are 46 for christ sakes. Too damn old! you hear me? I'm too damn old!! buy your own bloody fungicide!
by Clepton America July 16, 2011
Top Definition
The absence of skill
That was all luck baby!
by Obley September 17, 2004
something that I don't have.
Guy 1: Are you okay? You fell pretty hard. It looks like you broke yor spine and will never be able to walk again

Guy 2: Yeah, it's just my luck
by Who The Douce Are You? April 14, 2005
An indiscriminate phenomenon of chance or fate, which one comes to increasingly appreciate less with hard work.
Pretty much every time you get something you know you don't deserve
by nethcev! April 27, 2004
when something for once in your life doesn't end up being fucked up or bad
Man, so glad I didn't get shot again today. Must be my lucky day.
by Whatever doc September 01, 2003
Only getting wet when you should have drowned.
Like the handle on a piss pot, there but not in it.
by tootie January 11, 2005
1. What a lot of Counter Strike nerds say when you kill them.

2. What sore losers say when they got their ass whipped by someone better than them.
1. CS Freak: lol what a luckzor, u got luckzorz buddy.
CS Player: Oh shut up you nerd
CS Freak: You got lotz of luckzors in your pantzorz.
CS Player: you can suxorz my nutzorz fagzorz.

2. You lucky freak, you beat me by 20 points. You're so lucky.
by Longjohn Silver May 08, 2004
life itself
count yourself lucky every day your alive...
by Jester December 06, 2003

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