Luck is a combination of the words like and love. Love + like= Luck. To be used when that is what your feeling about the other person. You know you more than like them, but not quite to love yet. Can also substitute a shamrock as a shortcut. %%-
Guy: I luck you gf
Girl: I love errr...luck you too bf
by Oreomom May 06, 2014
The best quarterback currently in the NFL, who plays for the Indianapolis Colts.
Andrew Luck threw for 4,374 yards in his rookie year.
by Jigggaboo Jones February 13, 2013
It may seem good now, but down the road it will fuck you in the ass one day... hard.
"Wow! Gary just asked me out! He's the hottest guy in the grade! I must be the luckiest girl on Earth..."
The next day...
"Just my luck! Gary took me to his place, tied me up, and started pounding his 10" long dong."
by Nytesdawn April 15, 2013
When your father decided to have sex with your mother insted of masturbating
Bill:You got lucky man
Dan:I know dude, I coulda just been another sperm down the drain
by SayNo2Pseudonyms June 30, 2010
1. Good fortune and prosperity by sheer chance.

2. Fate or one's lot in life.
When I struck the lottery twice, that was pure luck.
by luckyone May 01, 2008
when skill is not used.
`in Madden 2005, when you spin and someone presses hitstick, and you are half way through ur spin, and you get sucked back to their man and fumble.
-Thats some shit, what LUCK!
-you have no skill, its all luck!
by money March 02, 2005
A consequence of random chance (a force which affects everyone equally and is therefore the fairest thing in life) (contrary to the bitching, whining, moaning and complaining of people who think it's "unfair" that other people make more effective use of luck than they do) (seriously, the difference between "bad" luck and "good" luck is WORK) (dammit).
"So he and I found a bundle of $100 bills, and we split them up evenly, and he spent his on women and booze while I invested mine and got rich, and now he's pissed off because I was 'lucky.'"
by ak4mc September 23, 2011
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